Based on Asya Voloshina's play Mama


DirectorIeva Kaniušaitė
CastGiedrė Giedraitytė, Ieva Kaniušaitė
PlaywrightAsia Vološina
Assistant DirectorTauras Čižas
Translated byMarius Burokas
ScenographerMarius Nekrošius
Lighting DesignerJulius Kuršis
Video ArtistAneta Bublytė
ComposerVytautas Leistrumas
Premiere 2021 May 30
Duration 1 h. 15 min.


This is a production by a young director and actor Ieva Kaniušaitė, likewise a former student of Eimuntas Nekrošius, based on Asya Voloshina's play Mama (translated from Russian by poet Marius Burokas).

In her work Ieva Kaniušaitė would like to speak about "universal, perhaps commonplace things – the minuteness of a human being in the face of  the world and eternity. About how this human being wants to be heard, listened to in the enormous world which keeps going on its course to non-existence. Eventually, about the fact that even if realize your story is just one in a million, you still long for another, sometimes one and only, human being who could give you at least a fleeting relief from the chill." Roles in this production are created by Ieva Kaniušaitė herself and by actress Giedrė Giedraitytė.

Ieva Kaniušaitė: "Parallel lines are two straight lines on the same plane without any points of intersection."

Olia is a completely ordinary girl who has just celebrated her twenty-eight birthday. Today she is telling her story, and, while she is at it, she reflects, analyzes, delves into and relives the events of her past.

Nastia is a regular girl, a mother, who also relates her story but in a somewhat different manner – through her letters. The conundrum and the problem is: and what if parallel lines could somehow intersect? On what kind of plane could this occur?