Black Box

Recently renewed Lithuanian State Youth Theater places a high value on interdisciplinary and international cooperation, the search for new talents and their promotion as well as the search for dialogue with the audience. To achieve these goals, the theater is launching the Black Box program for young artists. Black Box is understood as the original classical theater matrix with clear boundaries and rules that can become a space for various stage art activities – performances, performance art, interactive projects, and installations. The defined concept of the black box gives young artists the freedom to transform space through a creative process.

Black Box is a place to generate new ideas, open to experiments and creative risks.

The program is implemented in a few directions:

Creative residencies

The aim of the creative residencies organized in the Youth Theater since 2018 is to enable young artists (directors, playwrights, stage designers, performance artists) to develop and present their ideas. They are presented in a work-in-progress format and have the potential to either become projects further developed in international networks and/or performances in the theater’s repertoire. The theater chooses its residents. A prerequisite for a residency – a public presentation of its results.

International dissemination

The Lithuanian State Youth Theater has joined forces with such internationally renowned theaters as TR fromWarsaw and Volksbühne from Berlin as well as partners from the Baltic States, the Latvian New Theater Institute and Estonian theater Vaba Lava, to collaborate on the project, Baltic Transfer. This project aims to increase the visibility of young Lithuanian talents on the international scene and their active participation in the international theater community, exploring today’s topical issues through active workshops and/or co-productions with recognized international partners.

Theater and School

Theater and School is an educational/practical project for aspiring stage artists. It is being developed together with the Art University Helsinki (Theater school), the Icelandic Theater Academy and the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, providing conditions for young artists from different countries to cooperate creatively while at university, overstepping linguistic and cultural boundaries. This partnership was initiated and its first project is headed by directors and educators Yana Ross and Kristian Smeds. Here, individual artistic projects of young directors are being developed under the supervision of teachers, internationally renowned professionals. With this project, the Lithuanian State Youth Theater aims to develop international creative cooperation skills relevant to contemporary global stage art practices, to become a bridge for young artists between the academia, professional theater and contemporary theatrical thought.

The author of the illustration Medilė Šiaulytytė