It is said that if the WWI and WWII have brought us anything good, it is the multitude of talented "Lost-Generation" writers whose painful experiences became the focus of the twentieth-century most valued literature. However, we could hardly find another novel of this time in which war gets described with such satire as in Czech writer Jaroslav Hašek's masterpiece The Adventures of Good Soldier Švejk.

Adomas Juška, a former student of Eimuntas Nekrošius, while still in his third year at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, made his directorial debut with his production Švejk based Jaroslav Hašek's book. For his first work the young director chose several situations created by the author of this cult novel, and through them he sought to see Švejk as a human being whose smile was not just light-hearted fun but rather a poignant resistance to the regime, the war, and his surroundings. In this production, Švejk's environment is a shooting gallery where he must hold up a target while higher-ranking soldiers practice their aiming skills. Švejk grins, the chaplain drinks, a soldier yells and shoots... The director's objective is to disclose something real about each of these characters' idiotic existence.

The production was created on the young creators' platform BLACK BOX.