Theatre „Meno fortas" event

Inferno - Paradiso

DirectorEimuntas Nekrošius
CastRolandas Kazlas, Vaidas Vilius, Ieva Kaniušaitė, Paulius Markevičius, Audronis Rūkas, Marija Petravičiūtė, Julija Šatkauskaitė, Milda Noreikaitė, Simonas Dovidauskas, Vygandas Vadeiša, Pijus Ganusauskas, Šarūnas Zenkevičius
Assistant DirectorTauras Čižas
TranslatorAleksys Churginas
Costume DesignerNadežda Gultiajeva
ScenographerMarius Nekrošius
Lighting DesignerAudrius Jankauskas
Sound DirectorArvydas Dūkšta
ComposerAndrius Mamontovas
Premiere 2018 July 20
Duration 2 h.
Author:                                   Dante Alighieri
Prop-man:                            Genadij Virkovskij
Producer:                              Theatre „Meno Fortas"


Important notice! The performance on 28th  November will have an English translation.

Continuing the main topics of his previous production Divine Comedy, Nekrošius further explored and, with the help of the lead actor Rolandas Kazlas, tried to realize and reveal the thoughts, premonitions, imagination, and doubts of a poet and a creator, and his responsibility for his work. In the performance the actual chronology of Dante’s journey and its details become less relevant. It allows the director to touch upon the most secret vibrations of the human soul with barely perceptible and highly subtle stage imagery. Dante and Beatrice, as well as the other characters on the stage, are hardly real, unearthly, and thus, each of their actions and words acquires a wide scope of meanings. In this production Nekrošius managed to transgress the physical nature of theatre and directly address the spectator’s feelings, consciousness, and even subconsciousness.