In 2018, young director Adomas Juška, student of Eimuntas Nekrošius, in the third year of university made his debut in the State Youth Theater with a performance Šveikas (Švejk) based on the book The Adventures of the Brave Soldier Švejk by Yaroslav Hashek. A. Juška’s final project at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Fictions, is based on short stories by Jorge Luis Borges. The young director has created an original story of the writer’s journey through life, from the first moments of creative inspiration to his reflections as an old man. On the small square of the stage, like on a blank sheet, the reality intertwines with dreams which produce fictions – constant companions of all creators.

Director Adomas Juška: It’s not a biographical performance about Borges’ life, although it will inevitably contain details from his life because Borges often included himself in his short stories as a character. In the performance the majority of the characters are writers. Associations are important to me and so is the search for magic realism. The text is sparse. The action of the play took shape while working with the actors. A completely new story of the man’s life was created during the rehearsals. I think we’re creating not just because someone will come and see our work, but for more spiritual reasons. For reasons not necessarily related to religion, but definitely related to the soul. I want this performance to raise the spectator above and beyond the reality and their usual context.