“A Respectable Wedding” by Bertolt Brecht (this is the actual name of the play) talks about society’s moral duplicity. In the play, the plot revolves around the premarital loss of the bride’s virginity. In the performance, we look deeper. At not only the hypocritical morality and chastity, but also at the degradation of traditions and the absurd deformation of what used to be a sacred part of human existence: weddings, funerals, the sense of the cosmogonic cycle and its celebration.

Of course, we also talk about problems specific to Lithuania, such as the confusion of a person who has come to live in the city, their inability to become a so-called bourgeois and, of course, their complete misunderstanding of the globalization processes that affect them in one way or another. Certainly, first it is a wonderful comedy, facing us and our loved ones like a mirror. Here, we can make fun if not of ourselves, then at least of a neighbor, and exactly this tradition is immortal around here. Friendly satire is always a good thing.

The performance is very open; there is a lot of improvisation. We tend to include the latest social and political news, so it is constantly changing. It is open to the viewer, which means it is different every time. So if you enjoyed this Dionysia with the Lithuanian white salad, you can come and see it again and again.”

director Oskaras Korsunovas